2022-2023 Nissan Frontier 2wd & 4×4 3″ Front and 1.5″ Rear Lift #705078

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2022-2023 Nissan Frontier 2wd & 4×4

2022-2023 Nissan Frontier PRO4X 4×4

So you love your new Nissan Frontier, so do we…we just thought it needed more tire and a much more leveled look!

We get it, we have a soft spot for Nissan’s…so we created a couple options we thought you might like, this one is our Truxxx 3 front and 1.5 rear lift kit.

This kit works with with ALL 2022 Nissan Frontier S, SV and Pro4x 4×4’s (this kit will also work 2wd’s but may require longer rear shocks, we have had some 2wd trucks happy with stock shocks some not so happy). 

This 3” allows you the room to run bigger tires on either a stock or aftermarket rim – with the 1.5″ rear lift if you are using your truck to carry heavy loads or have a camper shell or you just wanted to fit the larger 10 ply tires, you are who we created this kit for.

This kit combination was created at the request of a customer who was using there truck for daily driving and his construction day job – carrying a load in the back he wanted his Frontier to be a little taller in the rear.

Just as an FYI – if you are off-roading at all, we suggest the 1.5″ rear kit over the 2.0″ rear kit for a few reasons…at full droop and articulation the stock shocks and brake lines are not fully stretched. If your off-roading consists of gravel roads, this isn’t such a big deal (any of the rear kit sizes will work fine) but if the trip to your cabin or fishing hole means some creek crossings or ditch jumping, well we wanted to keep you informed!

We have fit 33.00 tall tires ( 275/70R17) on high offset aftermarket wheels (some models of the stock rims will not be wide enough) but you should always test fit/purchase/order wheels and tires after the lift is installed..

Every wheel and tire company seems to use a different measuring tape, one companies 275/70R17 will be 33.10 inches tall and another may be 32.4″ tall yet they have the same size on the sidewall – we can’t possibly test ALL combinations of wheels and tires so please install the kit before ordering tires or use an exact combination you have seen fit before!

All of our kits are a direct bolt in and require no modifications to your vehicle. These kits retain the stock ride quality of your truck as we use as many OEM parts as possible – keeping your truck under warranty is important, which is why we designed each kit to work with Nissan Factory parts..

Every Truxxx 3” lift kit is made in the using USA or Canadian Mill Certified Steel and laser cut to precision tolerances using OEM drawings. 

Every kit is welded using the latest US Made welders and triple checked to ensure proper fitment. 

Each kit contains front strut spacers and rear blocks, we upgrade the flimsy stock ½” u-bolts to the best 9/16 American made U-bolts we can buy, we fabricate all of our parts  using the highest quality North American steel we can buy, we include all the all the required hardware in 10.9 & 12.9 grade, we have detailed instructions and complete alignment specs. 

Recommended installation time is approx. 3 hours + alignment and 33” tall tires are commonly used on 4×4’s with a stock style offset wheel.

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