Truxxx is the Original Leveling Kit Company

Truxxx is the original leveling kit company; every leveling kit on the market today is a derivative of ours. We started the whole leveling kit segment in a little shop not much bigger than a typical dorm room and we now have applications for over 600 trucks and SUV’s.

We had one goal, keep it simple and make people happy!

Ease of installation, great customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy is company policy…this means if anyone ever has an issue, we simply fix it or give them their money back, no questions asked.

Truxxx Lift & Level kits are designed using OEM drawings and as many OEM parts as possible…if longer shocks are needed, we include shock extensions to ensure your truck drives as the engineers intended it too!

Most people don’t realize using longer shocks instead of shock brackets often creates a “seasick” style of ride from the front end. The springs are set to have a certain amount of controlled resistance/movement over a certain stroke and most times, the valving a shaft movement of longer shocks are generic and not suited to what the truck was designed to work like.

Same can be said about coil springs. Most times installing longer springs instead of spring spacers means increased spring rate and a firmer often harsher ride. While this is great for a trail rig doing drops and rolling over logs and through creeks, it’s a bad thing when most of your time is offroading down the Interstate. If your brand new truck starts to shake rattle and roll, chances are the wife and kids don’t enjoy the “rattle” that comes with stiff suspension…and since 98.5% of your driving is not offroad, we make our parts just for you!

We want to be able to lift the truck while maintaining the smooth ride of stock, if we can’t make this happen we keep designing until we get what we want….We don’t think customers should have to compromise comfort for appearance!

Truxxx manufactures our entire product line in the USA or Canada using laser cut US Steel & OEM drawings. By doing this, we are able to manufacture precise perfect fitting products each and every time with ALL of our part #’s being made in house using only the finest steel, springs & hardware we can find!