Truxxx – about us, a little history of what we started and has now become a huge segment in the market.

Truxxx is the original leveling kit company. 100%. We started it all.

It was simple really, I couldn’t buy what I wanted. The truck industry was all 4” and 6” lifts for guys who wanted to put 35’s and 37” tall tires on their trucks, I still needed mine to drive 50,000 miles/80,000km a year (I was running around the country riding/racing motorcycle’s and representing my favorite motorcycle brand…my truck had the latest greatest dirtbike and some factory bikes in it almost at all times and when it didn’t have a bike in the back, it was towing a Malibu Ski Boat. the boat was also black…the bikes were orange…seeing the color connection yet? ) so maintaining OEM ride quality and getting max life out of the front end components was only important, it was critical.

2001 a new Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab 4×4 shows up in the driveway. Black with Peanut Butter leather, every option but the chauffeur and it was so nice we called it “Limo Truck”. Seriously, first day I had it I drove it 1200 miles and got out. I loved it, I went and bought some new wheels and immediately I noticed it had a front end about 2-2.5” too low to look right. I started making calls…no problem, everyone tells me they can do a 4” lift, swap out your leaf springs and hook you right up. Ugh…the truck already drove like my Grandpa’s Firetruck, adding a 4” lift would make it ride like 2 classic firetrucks, no way. I keep thinking there has to be a better way. A year later it was time to rotate trucks, I had driven the Superduty 45,000 miles and a new Ram had just come out.

So a new 2002 Ram 1500 4×4 (the first year of the body change) showed up and I was pumped. The new Ram was a killer, first year of the Quad Cab 6.5 box, black truck, black leather and every option available, including the new 20” wheels! (Yes, 20” wheels were a new thing in 2002!) The only thing wrong with it, the front end was too damn low and it looked like a 60’s hot rod!

I HATED how the front of the Ram was lower than the back, it looked stupid and made no sense to me. So, I cranked up the torsion bars like most people did and almost lost all of my teeth first time the pavement had a bump in it and don’t even ask me how bad it drove when I turned onto the MX track dirt road or drove up into the mountains to go trail riding.

Ok, this was unacceptable to me for a brand new truck. It rode like my other Grandpa’s 72 Ford F250 Hi-boy with flat tires and strong arm steering. So, there needed to be a solution, I didn’t want to lift the Ram 6” (I towed a trailer) but there needed to be a fix.

I called some people I knew that specialized in lifts, making offroad trucks, and guys who knew what was available at the time in the auto aftermarket.


Ok, I can’t be the only person who wants to fix how their truck looks, has to be a solution, I’ll wait and see what comes out. So a few months go by, I get another new Ford in the driveway, another black quad cab F350 Super Duty 4×4 only this one is a long box dually, it has to tow a 30 foot trailer full of race bikes. Funny enough, I am having the same problem as always (the front end is a couple inches too low) and I’m starting to see a trend…I can’t buy what I want!

Fast forward a few months, I’m getting burned out living out of suitcases and the front seat of a truck, sleeping at racetracks and eating dirt so maybe I should follow up on what I want I can’t find…something to level the front of my truck out! So, life takes a turn, I get a curveball blessed with opportunity and with the help of some people with talents different than mine, a brand begins!

I remember registering the name Truxxx in 2003 and thinking the 3 X’s were a fun play on words…who would know what the internet has become! So, I registered the name, picked a color (orange, why not, I got the idea while I was riding my KTM’s) and we begin…Truxxx is born, we have a domain name! It has started, the original leveling kit company, starting in a little shop smaller than the last race trailer I towed behind the dually when I was racing dirtbikes! We had one goal, keep it simple and make people happy! We make sure all of our Truxxx Lift & Level kits are designed to lift your truck while maintaining the smooth ride of stock. We don’t think you should have to compromise comfort for appearance!

Truxxx manufactures our entire product in the USA using precision laser cut US Steel & OEM drawings. By doing this, we are able to manufacture precise perfect fitting products each and every time with 95% of our product being made in house using only the finest steel, springs & hardware we can find! We could easily make our parts cheaper ( and I mean cheaper, we could use non graded offshore steel, cheap u-bolts, simple fasteners) but then I would be going against my core beliefs.

We have been copied in design by more companies than I have fingers and toes, it is said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but nobody has maintained the level of quality of parts we make.

Best Regards,

Darren Pilling
President – CEO