2021-2023 Ford Bronco 4WD – 2.5″ Front and 2.5″ Rear Lift Kit #107077

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2021-2023 Ford Bronco 4WD

**this kit is not for Sasquatch, First Edition or Raptor models…and defiantly not the Bronco Sport**

The new Bronco is the best thing to happen to 4wd in years, while the Bronco is not for everyone, Ford has been able to recreate the adventure vehicle and help fuel the movement of just getting outside…we ordered our shop Bronco and it took 26 months to arrive, so while you may think we are late to the party, we had the kit figured out ( like everyone for everything, we use computer aided factory drawings) for almost 2 years before we got our Bronco and company rules being company rules ( we implemented the rule almost 20 years ago when we started) we don’t release part numbers until we test them in real life…computer drawings will sometimes miss important things, we want your adventure to be about memories that have nothing to do with a broken Bronco :-}

Everybody not in a cave will understand the global supply issue of vehicles, so after we test fitted ours, running a bunch of miles over a variety or terrain all while creating a bunch of our own adventures, we now have a range of Bronco kits on the shelf…if we don’t have your combo figured out, let us know…we will do our best to put it together!

This is our 2.5″ front and 2.5″ rear kit.

Now, before you read something on the internet about angles etc etc etc being all messed up, the 6G Bronco has the BEST angles of any vehicle we have taken apart the last 18 years  ( yes we have been in business that long) and if you look at the options, the 6G Bronco was designed to be lifted 2″ taller than how you got it from your dealer.

This kit is 2.5″ taller than stock, our intention is this is the kit you would use if you have the rooftop tent, loaded up and have added some 35’s…ready to hit the backroads and enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer!

Tire fitment we have tested a bunch of options – this is what we know ( we used BFG KO2 All Terrains, using a different tire may yield different results – always test fit ) from fitting different sizes and wheels.

Fitment suggestions:

Stock steel/aluminum wheels ( +55mm offset) we used a 34 x 10.50R17 BFG ( stock 16″ would be 34×10.50R16 and the 18 aluminum would be 295/70R18 ) ~ why not use a 315/70R17 or equivalent you ask…simple, the extra width of the 315 will force the tire to run into the upper control arm and it won’t take long until you pop an upper ball joint or ruin your tire because of the rubbing…the front and rear crash bars we were able to leave on.

Stock/Aftermarket +35mm wheels (applies to 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″ or 22″) we used a 315/70R17 BFG – it fits great, the tires will stick out past the fender flares a little but clearance with the upper ball joint and the crash bars were close – I would probably unbolt them but that is YOUR choice, it is a couple of bolts (FORD designed the crash bars to be removable) but the key is with the +35MM offset you do get the needed upper ball joint clearance.

Aftermarket “0” offset wheel ( applies to 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″ or 22″) – this is where you have multiple options ( a good tire shop can help you out with ease, if they can’t move on to a new shop…the 6G Bronco with a 0 offset opens the world to you) and if I was going to use this offset on my own truck I would probably use a 315/70R17 or a 35×12.50R17 with the Sasquatch or aftermarket fender flares (that is just because I will get pulled over and have to pay a nasty fine when the tires stick outside the body in our town…ya I know :-})




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