2021-2023 Kia Sorento X-Line & Hyundai Santa Fe – 1.5″ Front and 1.25″ Rear Lift Kit with Shock Shaft Extensions #305030

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This Kit Fits:

2021-2023 Hyundai Santa Fe – all gasoline models

2021-2023 Kia Sorento – all gasoline models INCLUDING the X Line with factory lift

**this kit fits all of the Sorento and Santa Fe models including the factory 1″ lift***

**this kit is for vehicles WITH the Factory 1” lift – if you have a Hyundai with the 2.5 TURBO or a Kia with the Xline package you most likely have the factory lift and will to use this kit # 305028 or 305030 – check with your dealer or check the ground clearance specs on your model ~ 176mm/6.9″ which is the lower of the two options (no factory lift) and the taller 206mm/8.2” (factory lift)**

SO you just picked up a brand new Kia Sorento or Hyundai Santa Fe, your buddies told you when you installed the roof top tent or the storage box or the bike rack or your ski rack that you should lift it a little and get some new more adventure ready tires…you scoff, think this thing is brand new, amazing in everyway…perfect to replace my V8 SUV and let me continue my commuter turns into adventure vehicle lifestyle….whatever the reason, we know that now you are loaded up and your ready to hit the road, head to that killer campground down at the lake or maybe you are heading to some amazing place up in the mountains, all the gear is loaded, your roof tent is on, the cooler has a weekends worth of refreshments and “let the adventure begin” mentality is wide open, all is great until you leave the pavement….

Yup, you quickly realize your killer new 2WD/4WD SUV sits WAAAAAY TO LOW in the front, way to low in the rear and your underbelly starts dragging….even worse, when you load your mountain bike or snowboards on your hitch mount rack the back end of the SUV sags….guess what, we have a solution, our  2.0″ front and 2.0″ rear lift kit will help lead the way to fix all those problems!

This kit is for the Sorento and the Santa Fe with the factory lift – to tell which you have simply confirm your ground clearance. There are 2 sizes, 176mm/6.9″ which is the lower of the two options (no factory lift) and the taller 206mm/8.2” (factory lift).

This kit is the one we created for the person who wants (or needs) the benefits of a small car but still refuses to give up living the life of adventures…or someone who wanted to be ready for the adventure when opportunity arises!

This kit will allow you to create the perfect daily driver combination for the person who drives the vehicle daily to work and run errands, then hits the backroads on the weekends!

***The 305030 kit has been designed specifically for the adventurous Santa Fe and the Sorento ~ this kit does include the rear shock shaft extension, you can order part #305005 separately if you already have the 305028 kit***

We have been selling this kit to Kia & Hyundai dealers around the world since it was released, yes this kit first became available when these trucks were new on the lot. Like all of our parts, this kit is designed to work WITH the stock parts that came on your vehicle, no need to modify any parts, we include everything you need to create the do anything Santa Fe or Sorento….

We have been doing this for a long time (we built our first unibody lift in 2005) and while we would LOVE to make it an even taller kit, we tried that already ~ our original design  was a 2.5″ kit and it was just a little too much – we didn’t like the angles and how it drove, while some people would be fine with it, we design every part we make to keep your vehicle driving and operating like stock; and do our best to make sure parts do not wear out any faster than they would without our kit installed. 

This kit will increase your front ground clearance and keep that air dam and bumper out of the mud or sand on those trips to the cabin or the beach, and yes, when you add a size or two *taller* tire you will get 2.0 -3.0″ MORE ground clearance.

This kit has been tested with full throttle, wheels sliding and basically…well doing things you should never do to a new vehicle…we DO NOT recommend beating on your vehicle, you will break parts :-}

This is a straightforward install, yes we do include some very important simple install tricks in the instructions – you just need to make sure to read the instructions, they are not campfire starter!

There is NO cutting or welding or permanent modifications needed. 

This  lift kit allows you to fit much more aggressive tires and wheels allowing your Santa Fe/Sorento to take the family and all your toys to where they need to go! 

***ALWAYS test fit wheels and tires AFTER lift install***

We have fit up to 265/60R18 tires on aftermarket wheels….make sure to send us pics so we can post them up and let people know what your choice was!

A GENERIC no vehicle specific Note about tire sizes:  Every wheel and tire company seems to use a different measuring tape, one companies 265/60R18 will be 30.5 inches tall and another may be 31.5″ tall yet they have the same size on the sidewall – we can’t possibly test ALL combinations of wheels and tires so please install the kit before ordering tires or use an exact combination you have seen fit before!

All of our kits are a direct bolt in and require no modifications to your vehicle. These kits retain the stock ride quality of your truck as we use as many OEM parts as possible – keeping your truck under warranty is important, which is why we designed each kit to work with Factory parts..

Every Truxxx lift kit is made in the using USA or Canadian Mill Certified Steel and laser cut to precision tolerances using OEM drawings. 

Every kit is welded using the latest US Made welders and triple checked to ensure proper fitment. 

Each kit contains front strut spacers and sway bar extensions – we include all the all the required hardware in 10.9 & 12.9 grade, we have detailed instructions and complete alignment specs. 

Recommended installation time is approx. 3 hours + alignment 

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